Thacsa prides itself on regular and clear communications to members, this is an important part of understanding what saving for retirement is all about.
Among other communication tools such as posters and newsletters, every year Thacsa produces an annual report and beneficiary statement that is either mailed to you or delivered to your employer for distribution. You must ensure that you receive these important pieces of information. The posters and newsletters are often displayed in the change rooms or rest areas within your operation. If you can’t find them ask your employer.

Check your beneficiary statement online

Rather than wait for your annual beneficiary statement you can check the status of your investment online. This can be done through this website by clicking on the “login” button on the right or you can download the mobile app on your smart phone from either the Play Store or App Store.

SMS and email
If you have provided your employer with your SMS or email details we will be able to send you notices of important information.

Additional information can be found in our Benefit Brochure