E – Forms

Please ensure that you complete the correct form and supply all the necessary information and supporting documents where required.

The more comprehensively you complete forms, the more speedily and efficiently will the administrators process your claim.

EMPLOYER PORTAL REGISTRATION FORM An employer wishes to convert to the online administration system The completed form signed by the authorised persons.
ADDITIONAL VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS FORM An additional contribution to the Pension Fund Copy of members ID
NEW MEMBER ENTRY FORM A new member joins the Fund Copy of members ID
INSTALLATION FORM An employer becomes a participating employer Initial billing schedule
Company registration documents
Employer Portal Registration Form
WITHDRAWAL/RETIREMENT CLAIM FORM A member exits the Fund due to resignation, dismissal, retrenchment, death or retirement Copy of ID

Member’s personal Tax reference number

NOTIFICATION OF POTENTIAL DISABILITY CLAIM FORM Notification of a potential disability claim form must be submitted within 6 months of member becoming disabled Certified copy of members identity document
Sick certificates and medical reports
DISABILITY CLAIM FORM A member applies for the disability income benefit Certified copy of members identity document
Proof of banking details and payslip of last month/week that member was physically at work i.e. not when on sick leave or annual leave or last date actually paid by the employer.
Confidential medical report
DEATH CLAIM FORM A member or a qualifying family member passes away Bank statement of Spouse / claimant
Bi 1663 form – notification of death
Certified copy of death certificate
Certified copy of Members identity document
Certified copy of spouse/claimants identity document
Completed Death Claim Form
SANLAM FUNERAL BENEFIT INFORMATION BROCHURE Important information about nominating beneficiaries for the funeral benefit
SANLAM FUNERAL BENEFIT NOMINATION FORM Nominate/update funeral benefit beneficiaries
THACSA DEATH BENEFIT BENEFICIARY NOMINATION FORM Updating your beneficiaries and nominees Copy of beneficiary/nominee’s ID or birth certificate

Copy of marriage certificate

A member applying for a pension-backed housing loan


A member applying for a pension-backed housing loan

Certified copy of ID

Certified copy of payslip

Certified copy of Proof of Residence

Quotes for the renovations or a copy of the Offer to Purchase (if you are buying a property)

Certified copy of marriage certificate (if married in community of property)

FORM – Personal liability

for retirement fund contributions

To be completed when an HR representative is appointed as a responsible person for ensuring payment of retirement fund contributions
FORM – THACSA Switch Option – change portfolio option To be completed when a member is wanting to switch portfolios