Becoming a Participating Employer

All employers in the tourism, hospitality and catering sector, or related industry that is acceptable to the Board of Trustees, can become a participating employer in the THACSA Retirement Fund. No organisation is too big or small to become a participating employer once accepted by the Trustees.

What is the process?

• Complete the installation form and have your employees complete the new entrant form.
• The completed forms must be submitted to the Fund. On receipt the Fund will issue a certificate, confirming your participation in the Fund. You will be issued with a unique reference number (8269…./T….) that should be used in all correspondence with the administrator and when any payment is made to the Fund.

The administration process section on this website provides you with all the information you may require on contribution payments and submitting claims. This will assist you in fulfilling the fundamental role you play as a participating employer to the Fund. And remember, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require our assistance.

Download the Installation and New Entrant forms here.

Keeping you and your employees informed

Looking after your employees’ retirement funds is a responsibility we take very seriously. We make sure there are regular communications regarding the Fund, and retirement and related benefits directed at you and your staff. Go to the Communications page on this website for more information.

Fund fact sheet

Here is an easy reference guide to help you understand the benefits of the THACSA Retirement Fund for you and your employees. Click here for the THACSA Employer Fact Sheet February 2021