Becoming a New Member

How does it work?

Thacsa is a defined contribution fund. This means that you have your own savings account in the Fund, which is called your Fund credit. Every month you and your employer contribute a fixed percentage of your pensionable salary towards the Fund. Your benefit statement clearly shows the percentage and value of your salary that you and your employer contribute.


Your contributions

Employer contributions

Total monthly contributions

5% 5% 10%
6% 6% 12%
6.5% 7.50% 14%
7% 7% 14%
7.50% 7.50% 15%
8% 7.50% 15.50%

Once the Fund receives your and your employer’s contribution, the costs for death, disability, and funeral cover, and administration are deducted from the employer’s portion.

The Deductions


Percentage of pensionable salary

Death 1.750%
Disability 0.713%
Administration Cost 0.640%
Total monthly deduction (excl. funeral*) 3.103%

* The funeral cover cost of R22.53 per month is also deducted as well as a miscellaneous expense of R9,00 plus 0.03% of share of fund per member per month.

The remaining part of the employer’s payment plus your contribution is invested by the Fund. This amount and any interest earned on your investments are added to your Fund Credit, and it is shown on your benefit statement.

The Board of Trustees appoints service providers to manage the Fund’s investments on their behalf. This is an extremely responsible function and they follow a specific investment strategy to try and maximize returns for all members.

Summary of costs and benefits