Administrative Processes

There are a number of administration functions that you, as the employer, are responsible for, they are outlined below.

1. New Member Entry Form

Employers should submit completed new member entry forms to by the 7th day of the first month of membership. The new member should also be added to the schedule which accompanies payment and submitted as per item 2 below.

2. Monthly reconciliation and payment of contributions

All schedules should be submitted electronically via e-mail to Please click here Monthly employer recon example to view the format in which the schedule must be submitted.
Payment of contributions: Contributions are paid in arrears, by the 7th of the following month and are payable into the following Nedbank account:
Name: Thacsa Pension Fund
Account: 1051 613 922
Branch code: 14 54 05

Queries regarding the reconciliation process must be emailed to

3. Employer Portal

The preferred method of submitting monthly returns is through the employer portal. This is a state-of-the-art online system that links directly to the administrator. In addition to the monthly returns a number of other important administrative functionality exists. If you are not making use of the online portal download the application form here: EMPLOYER PORTAL REGISTRATION FORM

4. Submission of claims

This refers to Withdrawals (resignation, retrenchment or dismissal) and retirement claims.

The Momentum Claim Form must be completed in full and signed by both the employer and the member. A copy of the member’s ID must be submitted with the claim form and the member’s personal tax reference number must be provided. The completed application form and supporting documents must be submitted to Nomakhaya Mati by email or fax: 021 449 5882. For queries call: 021 940 6827.

The processing and payment of a withdrawal or retirement claim can take up to eight weeks from the member’s last active working day. This however depends on when the required documents are submitted to the Fund and on the receipt of a tax directive from the Receiver of Revenue.

5. Submission of disability claims

This flowchart is a summary of the disability claim process, for more details click here: Sanlam Disability Claims Process 2019

6. Submission of funeral claims

The completed Sanlam Funeral Claim Form including the following supporting documents must be submitted to Fax: 021 449 5882 or e-mail to
• Bank statement of spouse/claimant
• Bi 1663 form – notification of death
• Certified copy of Death Certificate
• Certified copy of member’s identity document
• Certified copy of spouse/claimants identity document

Tel: 021 940 6827

7. Submission of death claims

The Sanlam Death Benefit Claim Form must be completed in full.
A copy of the member’s ID, the death certificate and the members personal tax number must be submitted with the claim form to or fax 021 449 5882.
• The death benefit is payable in terms of Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act and a full investigation will be conducted to determine who the payments will be allocated to. A help desk consultant will contact the employer and the family of the deceased to obtain any additional information and documentation. All information is forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval of the allocation of the death benefit lump sum. When tax-clearance from SARS and Trustee approval on the allocation of the death benefit lump sum have been received, the benefit is paid.

8. Family Assistance Benefit

Sanlam must be contacted directly on 0860 004 080 or, alternatively, please contact the Help Desk on 0860 22 22 88 for more information.
Download the Sanlam Burial Repatriation benefit schedule here.

9. Housing loans

The employer must have an agreement with Standard Bank as you will be responsible for deducting the loan instalment from the member’s salary. The member is required to contact the help desk, who will be able to provide them with the surety amount (maximum amount they can apply for). The member will then be required to complete the application form and submit the supporting documents to the Help Desk – | 0860 22 22 88. The Help Desk will then submit the application form to the bank.
Standard Bank will contact the member directly to advise whether their loan has been approved; if yes, the money will be paid directly into the member’s bank account. The installment must be deducted from the member’s salary on a monthly basis and paid directly to the Bank.

Contact Information

Help Desk
0860 22 22 88